I watch tv no more

I watch tv no more
Personal exhibition
11th of October /  22nd of November 2009

I’m a self-taught visual artist; since 1987 I’ve been among the countless nodes of the large international network of Mail Art. Mail Art is a free and participative expression that definitely, has in its focal point the relationship and collaboration among the people involved.
Mailartists propose projects in which there are no jury, no payments and no awards and all the received works are accepted and showed in the case of an exhibition. However, they are included in the documentation that is issued at the end of the project.
From the Mail art experience I’ve received a lot of impulses as in a neuronal net, that converge step by step in my expressive and aesthetic research.
The pursuit of making my life art and my art life.
Through the works that are being showed from the 11th of October to 22nd of November 2009 at the organic wine farm Sgubin in Scriò, in the province of Gorizia in northern Italy, I‘ve expressed myself about some important topics of my life and of social life. First basic topic is my passion for listening to music in its varied expressions. I’m a great music consumer and music appears in my works in different ways, as written on the score, singers’ images or with recycling use of cd devices that I re-use in its circularity as decentralized centre of the work.
Second basic topic is to recycle. I create collages. I re-use newspapers, corrugated cardboards, boxes, labels, pieces of fabric and others to give a new sense to things that is waste, with no value.
There are 25 works, 21 created by recycled corrugate cardboards and 4 made of tracing paper.
Two clusters of 4 works were intended for other previous projects, precisely 4 for the cover of a compact disc by “Barrio de Tango Ensemble”, and 4 for the collective exhibition “Ventiperventi” held in Naples June-July 2009, arranged by Linedarte- Officina Creativa.
In the majority of my collages I use Italian and English words. Textual language gives me the opportunity to express complete ideas and emotional evocations at the same time and also makes the audience freely imagine stories and paths . In brief “ a blessed unrest” , as said by the famous North American choreographer Martha Graham, permeates my life and my works give you a coloured sign of it.
Moreover, there are other topics like environmental ones and pacifist and nonviolent ones.
The work “I watch tv no more” that gives the title to the exhibition is a precise position on the current use of television whose cultural standards are kept, I believe, intentionally at a low level and addressed only to few people’s profit. An open mind will free us from this barker and in the same way, we need to buy products from the Fair Trade if we really want to help southern people.
So I’m very please to exhibit my works in a farm that produces wine from organic grapes and where it will be possible to eat good courses from organic foods.
Finally I’m very happy to stay with the friends of Realtà Non Ordinaria that I thank with joy. Hurrah RealtaNO.

Pierpaolo Limongelli  visual artist 

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