I remember

Here is the Unreasonable and Genius Youth Book Celebration of Villeurbanne (next to Lyon, France)!!
Four years ago, we organised a mail art work-shop in direction of the prison for women of Montlluc (next to Lyon, France) and permitted a consequent mailing between the prisoners and more than two hundred illustrators. This year, we decided to extend this project of mail art to the Debrousse Hospital, and overall the children it welcomes. And that is here that we give to you the mission:
Only you can take pencils, brushes, fold, stick, tear and then realize a wonderful mail art…without waiting for an answer back…
Great French illustrators (Bruno Heitz, Frédérick Mansot, Capucine Mazille, Marie Diaz, Lionel Le Neouanic…) have already accepted this mission, not at all impossible.The children who will receive your mail art have got a code name : "Les Petits Loups" (Little Wolves), their address is :

"Les Petits Loups"
Hôpital Debrousse
29 rue Soeur Bouvier
69 322 LYON cedex 05

So, let your imagination go free!!
However, some rules to respect…
Your mail art have to be inspired of the theme "I remember" and must not be higher than the A4 size.
This message is not a self-destruct message; you can even copy it, print it and distribute it to your friends if they are mail artists…This mission can be international thanks to you…
Elodie Gadiollet

Sent to Renée, Dordrecht

I reused a postcard sent to me by G.Donaudi.